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Blinx is a new community token that will be launching on the DEX pancakeswap after building a community of followers. Building a community is essential to any new token launch. Failing to do so can compromise the adoption of the new cryptocurrency.

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Creating an account is as simple as clicking the join button and verifying your email address. We require all members to verify their email so we can better communicate with you.

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Once you signup with Blinx, you will create a username and password and have access to our members portal. Here you can see our updates and learn at what time the pancakeswap listing will occur.

Grab an Early Notification

Once you are in the backoffice, you will have the opportunity to provide pre-liquidity in exchange for a private telegram group to receive your DEX link before the rest of the community.

What is the Blinx Token

About The Blinx

The Blinx Token will become the first of many prelaunched tokens to build a bigger community for like minded members who are interested in newly founded cryptocurrencies.

Essentially, this token will be the flagship for future endeavours that will build large communities around newly launched tokens on certain DEX's.

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Why Blinx

Competitive Benefit

Competitive advantages of joining Blinx are very easy to understand. When you signup with Blinx you will get the first notifactions on newly formed BSC/ETH tokens that are launching in the crypto space. The first token you will receive notification is our flagship token, Blinx Token.

Safe & Secure
Community Tokens
Easy Payment
Automaed Liquidity
Reward Distribution
Blinx Tokens


Max Supply

1,000,000,000,000 BLINX

Automatic LP

Every trade provides 5% Automatic Liquidity

Redistribution Reward

Token holder receives 5% rewards from previous transactions.

Monthly Burn Rate

One percent of Blinx tokens will be burned to limit supply after the presale.

Purchase Tokens within our 2x2 Matrices.

Presale Rounds

Presale Round 1:

Presale of 10k tokens at $1 per position.

Presale Round 2:

Presale of 50K tokens $5 per position.

Presale Round 3:

Presale of 100k tokens at $10 per pack.

Presale Round 4:

Presale of 200K tokens at $20 per position.

Presale Round 5:

Presale of 300k tokens at $30 per position.

Presale Round 6:

Presale of 400k tokens at $40 per position.

Presale Round 7:

Presale of 500k tokens at $50 per position.

Presale Round 8:

Presale of 600k tokens at $60 per position.

Presale Round 9:

Presale of 700k tokens at $75 per position.

Presale Round 10:

Presale of 1 Million tokens at $100 per position.

Start In

Private Presale is Open

Token Presale Proceeds

  • interconnection Dev.
  • Marketing & General
  • Charity Token Development
  • Operational Overhead

Token Distribution

  • Presale Sale
  • Build Out
  • Team & Advisers
  • Private Investors

Matrix Payplan

Levels Cost Tokens Matrix Pay Re-Entry Liquidity on Cycle
Level 1 $1 10k 2x2 $2 Level 1 $1
Level 2 $5 50k 2x2 $10 Level 2 $5
Level 3 $10 100k 2x2 $20 Level 3 $10
Level 4 $20 200k 2x2 $45 Level 4 $15
Level 5 $30 300k 2x2 $60 Level 5 $30
Level 6 $40 400k 2x2 $85 Level 6 $35
Level 7 $50 500k 2x2 $115 Level 7 $40
Level 8 $60 600k 2x2 $120 Level 8 $50
Level 9 $75 700k 2x2 $175 Level 9 $60
Level 10 $100 1 Million 2x2 $250 Level 10 $80
Road Map

Blinx Timeline

The Blinx Token roadmap is guidlines and expectations where we see the token over the next 6-12 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are some of the most frequent questions we have received about Blinx Token

Blinx Tokens are a community token for like minded individuals who want to help create a token eco system of integrated tokens that will launch to help create awareness for social charities.
During our presale, you can signup and purchase at presale value before we go to the DEX. Once the presale is over you may purchase at pancakeswap DEX. More exchanges will be added over time. itself was created to raise awareness of the Blinx Token launch on pancake swap as well as its vision to create more charity tokens.
The cyclers are fun and allow promoters to earn their seed money back for purchasing tokens.
The presale will help accomplish two major goals. Funding liquidity prior to listing on pancakeswap and adding funds for the token audit.

Download Whitepaper

Our whitepaper is a simple demonstration of what we want to accomplish with Blinx Token.

We will go over the tokenomics, features and first sister charity token within our whitepaper.

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